"The workman is worth his wages"

Divorce is a wrenching process, and it takes a strong and smart person to get through it intact, especially if the person who promised to love you forever has suddenly become a slippery enemy who wants to walk away leaving you with nothing. When this happened to me after 30 years of marriage, I prayed for the right attorney to help me. I chose Wesley Wornom, and I am glad I did. The Bible says, "Be wise as a serpent, and innocent as a dove." It also says, "The workman is worth his wages." Let these words guide you. All of the choices you are about to make will impact your future. Do your homework. Read Fair Share Divorce by Kathleen Miller or other books like it. Figure out what you want and need. Gather your friends and family for emotional support, and join a counseling group like Divorce Care. Then, if you ask Wesley Wornom to represent you, take control of your emotions and be ready to get down to the tough business of divorce. What this counselor will do, if he agrees to take your case, is become your strong legal advocate. He knows people, he knows Virginia Family Law, he knows finances, and he knows how to win. Years of experience have given him the expertise to be able to see through the crafty wiles of a serpent who once was your spouse, who has now turned on you to deceive you and leave you with nothing. Wesley Wornom is not cheap. But, he will work hard for you, he is worth his wages; and I am glad he agreed to take my case.
- Woman in Stafford, VA

"exemplary services"

I thought I would take a moment out to explain the exemplary services I received from Wesley D. Wornom while he handled my divorce proceedings. His meticulous attention to detail and tenacious attitude made me feel like I was his only client. I was always kept up to date on each and every action as well as given a detailed explanation of the legal actions being taken on my behalf.

Because of his attention to detail and meticulous processing, my opposing "defendant" quickly realized that their petty tricks and tactics would not work and my divorce proceeding quickly went from a contested action to a quick resolution to my advantage in not only one, but in two separate states. His advice and guidance was on the mark and accurate every single time. His no nonsense demeanor with opposing counsel clearly displayed that there was no room for petty tactics or actions and that they would be dealt with expeditiously!

I would highly recommend Wesley D. Wornom as an attorney and will always rely on his expertise for all and any future legal actions I may need. Please feel free to contact me via email if you want to verify my testimonial.
- Anonymous

"grateful for the efficiency and thoroughness"

Mr. Wornom is my hero. He worked extra hours during the end of the year holiday season to complete the paperwork for my divorce settlement in a timely manner. He had a no-nonsense attitude that quickly cut to the necessary information and also minimized the amount of lawyer fees that I had to pay.

I will be able to walk away from the divorce with a comfortable settlement and the assurance my children will be taken care of. He was very thorough and aware of all possible loopholes. I am so grateful for the efficiency and thoroughness of Mr. Wornom and his staff. I strongly recommend him and he came recommended to me as the best in his field.
- Tammy



"highly recommend Wes Wornom"

I highly recommend Wes Wornom as an Attorney for any "Family Court Matters." I was an Active Duty Marine Officer, two years from retirement, going through a very nasty Separation and Divorce. Wes was recommended to me by an acquaintance, who was represented by Wes successfully in a divorce.

Though the two year process of separation and divorce was brutal, both emotionally and financially, Wes was able to prove my case and significantly save me money in the long run by proving in court that my "Ex" did not deserve "Spousal Support" for her actions (financial and physical) during the marriage and during the proceedings leading up to the actual divorce court and extremely limit her share of my military retirement.

Wes also was willing to work with me on the payment of his fees after the ruling, which allowed me to maintain my solvency. I will go to Wes in the future for any family court proceedings.
- AO



"willing to go the extra mile"

Mr. Wornom has been my attorney on two separate occasions. His knowledge of the law and of the Stafford County court system was to my benefit both times. I am a federal employee for the Department of Defense and I commute to the Pentagon every day. Mr. Wornom was more than happy to meet with me after his normal business hours to discuss my case. He is compassionate, understanding and willing to go the extra mile for his clients.
- MM



"impressed me from the very beginning"

When I first came to see Mr. Wornom, I was frustrated with the legal system thinking because of my previous attorney's mistakes I was going to lose my case with my ex-husband for child and spousal support. Mr. Wornom impressed me from the very beginning, breaking out law books and pointing out the best way to approach my divorce in court. Fortunately, my case was won with Mr. Wornom's help. I only wish I had retained him first instead of my previous attorney. I will and have recommended his services to anyone who needs representation or just advice on legal matters. Thank you Mr. Wornom for all you have done. I am eternally indebted to you.
- JL



"someone I could trust, someone who would listen to me"

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest things I ever did, and I needed someone I could trust, someone who would listen to me and not just focus on the legal work to be done. I found that with Wesley Wornom. He was always patient with me, even when I was emotional and asked a lot of questions. His priority was to look out for my interests, and he was always honest with me. And he has the best assistant ever in Pam. She is wonderful at her job.
- TN



"the best decision you can make"

Let me say this, if you're reading this and wondering ...is he a good attorney...can he help me....does or will he understand ...will he give me the attention and time...does he know his way thru the Law, in the Courts, with the Judges...will I feel like I 'm the most important case he has on his plate...is he honest, with great integrity ...does his staff reflect his values and concerns.... My answer is an overwhelming YES!!

I have contracted and used the services of other area attorneys...none of which come close to the skills and conduct of Mr. Wornom.

So stop your search now and pick up the phone and call... It will be the best decision you can make at this difficult time in your life...I know...I've been there....and I feel he saved mine in so many ways ...

So Mr. Wornom...if you ever see this...Thank You....
- Brian S.



"He was true to his word"

Going through a divorce is an emotionally charged and draining trial. Mr. Wornom was supportive, empathetic, and very clear he was my advocate from the start. Throughout my divorce, he was true to his word. Mr. Wornom negotiated a fair settlement, and I am getting on with my life now.

I recommend anyone looking for any kind of legal advice include Wesley Wornom in their search. Based upon the facts you present, he will give you a fair and accurate assessment of your case and reasonable suggestions on how you might proceed.

- GS



"His undying work ethic never ceased"

If one is going through the difficulty of divorce, I would highly recommend Wesley Wornom to represent you. I have recently been through a trying divorce. There were times I felt threatened and completely blindsided by my ex-husband. If I did not have the support or knowledge of Mr. Wornom on my side I would have been lost in the proceedings. He explained everything step by step, what to expect when, and how to get through the difficulties of divorce. His knowledge of the laws and his undying work ethic never ceased. I always walked out of his office firmly believing in him and what he was going to do for me.
- BW